Tool Collector (England and Wales)

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Join our community of Tool Collectors. This is an incredibly rewarding role as you know many of the tools you collect will go directly to Africa to transform lives. How amazing is that?

As a Tool Collector, you will play a vital role in collecting tools from the general public, either by personally picking them up or arranging for them to be dropped off at your home. You can choose to offer both or either of these options.

We'll provide you with a TWAM email and put your name, area, and email on our website so people can easily find you. You'll also receive a TWAM polo shirt and fleece and our support every step of the way.

By becoming a Tool Collector, you'll not only help us save hundreds of tonnes of tools from landfills but also play a crucial role in creating livelihoods and fighting poverty in Africa.

Without our Tool Collectors, our work wouldn't be possible. Join us today and be part of the transformational impact we're making across Africa.