Local Group Member

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Local Groups consist of like-minded volunteers who work together to collect tools, sort them and sometimes do basic refurbishment. They generally have access to a garage or two for storage and a large shed or two for sorting. It's a great role for people who enjoy volunteering in a team. If we don't have a Local Group in your area, perhaps you could help us start one!

Each local group has a Coordinator and any number of members. As a Local Group volunteer, you'll be part of a team of people who share our passion for creating livelihood tools and work together to collect them from your local community.

You can help to arrange tool collections at local supermarkets, DIY stores, and garden centres, and even offer talks to local community groups or speak on local radio.

Local groups make such a difference as they bring together like-minded people to collect tools, run tool collection events, and promote TWAM in their area.

They are great ways to encourage friendship and share a mutual enthusiasm for tools, recycling, and practical care. Many groups are church-based, but they don't have to be. They need some keen people to get them started and a place to store tools and hopefully do some basic sorting and refurbishment. Spare garages and garden sheds make a good start.

We have many resources for you and ideas on how to start up and link with your local community. Please download the full description on the right or contact Paul Daley, our Volunteering Coordinator for more information.

email: pauld@twam.uk